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VanDrie Controlled Quality Veal

VanDrieGroupVanDrie Controlled Quality Veal is veal with a taste that has been popular for generations. It is easily digestible, low in cholesterol and rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a piece of meat which really does work in any menu. It has a subtle flavour and is highly regarded – and widely used – by chefs around the world.

The calves are raised in group housing by the VanDrie Group’s veal farmers. The stalls are spacious, light and airy. The calves are fed calf milk supplemented with roughage. Providing a generous amount of roughage makes an important contribution to improving animal welfare

The Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Sector (SKV) carries out intensive checks at all of the VanDrie Group’s veal farms to monitor the calves’ health and quality of their feed. The Integrated Chain Management quality management system forms the basis for the checks. Thanks to this, and in combination with the VanDrie Group’s own quality system called Safety Guard, the group guarantees high-quality, safe and delicious veal.

Veal cuts

You will find a selection of the Van Drie Group veal cuts at this site.
The site comprises a digital and interactive meat cuts book which you can search through in two different ways.

Select the cut you are interested in, give us the code reference and we will provide you more info like availability and price.